Contemplative Practices for Collective Healing and Liberation

17th Summer Session on Contemplative Practices in Education

August 2 - 5, 2021
Broadcast Live via Zoom

Regular registration: $350
With an Access Grant: $175 (apply here)
Graduate & Undergraduate Students: $75
A $50 ACMHE member discount applies to all rates (join ACMHE here)

By coming together to create a supportive, collaborative, and engaging academic community, we can experience how contemplative practices transform education.

The 2021 Summer Session will focus on how educators can move forward from the events that have shaped our lives this past year. By integrating contemplative practices with a social justice lens, we will explore ways to cultivate joy and happiness in our teaching, research, and civic engagement towards collective well-being and liberatory change.

The Summer Session offers a unique combination of course development, community building, experiential learning and time for practice. Past attendees have referred to it as their “yearly tune up,” a chance for personal reflection, self-care, and pedagogical development. We encourage newcomers to contemplative pedagogy and inquiry to attend, as the Summer Session seeks to offer participants a foundation for understanding, experiencing, and developing contemplative approaches.

Through plenary presentations, small group work, and time for practice and self-reflection, participants will reflect on their identities, their complex meanings, and their connections to their roles as educators within education and in our communities.

The Summer Session is facilitated by a multidisciplinary team of educators with extensive experience across many aspects of higher education. Together they will provide you with guidance as you explore how to effectively and responsibly integrate contemplative practices into your educational environments.

Some of the questions that we bring to this year’s summer session include, but are not limited to:

  • How do we acknowledge each other’s histories and still engage in social justice practices with compassion?
  • Is it possible for higher education, community, and social justice practices to be in harmony with each other for the good of all?
  • How do we honor different types of literacies and approaches to teaching and learning?
  • What types of activism can support an intergenerational community?
  • How can contemplative practices be one of many paths that can transform higher education?

Attendees will engage in a range of guided practices, including mindful movement, art-making, and dialogue. These are intended to prepare participants for the deep inquiry and meaningful self-exploration we hope to foster during our time together.

The 17th Summer Session on Contemplative Practices in Education is primarily designed for those in higher education (faculty, staff, administrators, graduate students, and researchers), but attendance is open to all who are seeking to:

  • develop contemplative methods to inform their work within and beyond “classroom” settings;
  • examine their own unique identities and experiences to help create inclusive, responsive, inquiry-based learning environments;
  • deepen their personal practice;
  • build friendships within a diverse, interdisciplinary community of scholar-practitioners.

Although online, we still intend to offer opportunities for:

  • personal and professional growth and development through contemplative practice, stimulating  discussions, and reflection;
  • contemplative practice to navigate through the complexities, uncertainties and possible discomforts of new learning experiences;
  • reconnection with old friends and creation of  new friendships with colleagues from diverse world-views and across many disciplines and types of institutions;
  •  brave spaces to explore the connections between contemplative practice and social justice, and how that informs effective teaching and learning.
  • a certificate of completion upon request.

It does NOT offer:

  • easy answers and step-by-step solutions; there is no single “how-to” that can be applied to this work.


2021 Summer Session Facilitators


If you have any questions, please contact Maya Elinevsky at or at 413-842-6463.