Contemplative Community Building Toolkit

Announcing a .pdf toolkit to support your efforts to build contemplative communities in higher education!

This document was created out of an April 2016 meeting convened by CMind and the Fetzer Institute, where 26 higher education professionals shared their community-building experiences. It would not have been possible to create this toolkit without them, the support of the Fetzer Institute, the writing and editing of Maia Duerr, or the experience and wisdom of our network, including the Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education, a professional membership association which connects hundreds of education professionals worldwide.

We hope that the toolkit will support the continued development of living and learning environments that support inquiry into meaning, purpose, and action.

The toolkit is organized into six sections, reflecting common phases and challenges:

  1. Intention (Laying the Groundwork)
  2. Invitation (Creating a Welcoming Community)
  3. Sustainability (Building a Sustainable Community)
  4. Meetings and Events
  5. Conflict Transformation
  6. Connecting the Dots (Being Part of a Larger Movement)

Share Your Community Building Experience

Of course, no single, brief .pdf can encompass all our collected wisdom on community building. With that in mind, we intend this toolkit to be a living document, able to receive contributions from those who are doing the work. We invite you to dig in and then use this online feedback form to let us know what's missing: what could be improved?

Your suggestions have been incorporated into the last version of the toolkit (Feb. 2019).

Thank You For Your Feedback!