Why are we not talking about the state of CMind disbanding?

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    Leonard Cruz

    HI Colleagues,

    Did you all get the recent e-mail about CMind ending in September? This is disheartening and especially at a time where we need the contemplative practices in all of education. How can we have a discussion to find ways to uplift CMind? Why was there not a Townhall meeting? Can we ourselves create a meeting of members to brainstorm?

    I just wanted to hear from you all and share reactions, as well as have a Zoom meeting or request one for members to talk things out and just share.

    Open for thoughts……


    Leonard Cruz


    Hi Leonard, and anyone else reading this!
    Leonard, I have watched this space with interest to see if any members would take you up on your suggestion. Now I am back to share that Michelle Chatman and Lenwood Hayman will be holding space for an ACMHE Virtual Community Circle at 7pm ET on Thursday, July 7th.

    The intent is for the circle to be for ACMHE members, so I don’t want to publicly post the Zoom link here (only members can log in to reply to this forum, but everyone can see the post content). But, I just sent out an email about it (from info@contemplativemind.org — possibly check your spam folder?) with a link to RSVP for the Zoom info. I will also make a post about it on the community event calendar.

    If for whatever reason you didn’t get the email to RSVP for the community circle, feel free to contact me at carrie@contemplativemind.org and I’ll resend it to you!

    If you can’t make the call on the 7th, we welcome you to share your ideas via this survey (or email us/me. But the survey helps keep things organized for us/me).

    Thank you!
    Carrie @ CMind

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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