Racial Healing Circle: Virtual Workshop April 23, (10am-1 pm EDT), Led by Dr. Mi

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    Juliet Trail

    NEW! Virtual Workshop Series Opens with a Racial Healing Circle on April 23 (10am-1pm EDT)

    Throughout 2022, C-HEARTS (the Contemplative Higher Education Alliance for Research, Teaching & Service) will be hosting four virtual workshops in April, May, September, and October. The registration cost for each virtual workshop is $35.
    >>MORE INFORMATION: https://inside.msmary.edu/cphe/2022/registration.html

    Our first 2022 Virtual Workshop offering is a Rx Racial Healing Circle, with Dr. Millie Rivera and Ms. Sherrene DeLong.

    Rx Racial Healing Circles (RHCs), created by Dr. Gail Christopher while at the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, are founded on the principles of jettisoning the hierarchy of human value and narrative change through storytelling. The uniqueness of RHCs come from their focus on health, well-being, agency, inclusion, and our common humanity. This workshop is open to undergraduate or graduate students as well as faculty and staff. Cost is $35.
    >>REGISTER HERE! https://inside.msmary.edu/cphe/2022/registration.html

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