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    Joelle Adams

    Purpose/Rationale/Context: Transpersonal Insights
    Many instructors in higher education participate in professional, personal, and spiritual development activities that result in meaningful insights and lessons that guide our values, belief, experiences, and behaviors.

    The Project: Conscious Education in Practice
    The Conscious Education in Practice project explores the intersection of these transpersonal and/or psycho-spiritual lessons with principles of pedagogy. The aim is to provide models of how teachers in higher education can apply personal development insights to their teaching practices, with a longer-term aim of developing a theoretical framework and tools to guide this integration. In this initial phase, the project seeks answers to the following question: How do teachers in higher education integrate spiritual and psychological lessons and insights into their practice?

    Participant Profile
    Interested instructors, faculty developers, and administrators in higher education.

    How to Participate
    Your participation is voluntary and completely anonymous. If you choose to participate, please expect to spend approximately 20 minutes to complete this survey.

    Link to questionnaire:<

    You are invited to participate and to share this invitation with your networks of teachers in higher education.

    Approval for research involving human subjects has been granted by the Santa Monica College Institutional Research Board. Please direct questions or comments to

    Your participation is valued and appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Joelle Adams
    Santa Monica College
    Conscious Education LLC.

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