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    Hi all,
    In case it is of interest, I wanted to share news of this open position at the UC Berkeley Center for the Science of Psychedelics: Contemplative Science Curriculum Specialist.


    • Design and implement psychedelic facilitation curriculum related to the knowledge bases on contemplative practice and science.
    • Assist with overall curriculum development and instructional planning for facilitation training.
    • Pilot training program curriculum through regular instruction of first cohort of program trainees.
    • Revise curriculum and instruction throughout the first program year, in collaboration with other program team members.
    • Collaborate with training team members to identify potential guest speakers, as well as plan and implement the training curriculum with them.
    • Provide relevant organizational planning and support to training program.
    • Design, propose, and implement curricular and instructional strategies for enacting commitments to diversity, equity, inclusion, and centering indigenous perspectives.
    • Support the identification of best practices in curriculum and instruction for facilitation training programs, and support the dissemination of knowledge about these practices.
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