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Arts Workshop with Dr. Doreen Maller

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Through guided visualization, art practice, mindful sharing, and listening, we will be able to turn within to each other to restore the beauty of life that can be found through interconnection.

Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Workshop

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Dr. David Treleaven will lead an online workshop to help you learn how trauma can manifest in meditation practice and understand practical modifications to help traumatized people safely access meditation.

Technology: A Relational Tool for Changing Times

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In this workshop the team of Doreen and Steve Maller will create space for reflection on a year of changes and share some tips to improve your ability to connect with others using technology tools and tweaks.

Who Taught You to Be White? Retelling Our Nation’s History In the Classroom

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This workshop invites participants to reclaim their ancestor's stories and repair generational trauma. We will be following the stories and values passed down from generation to generation, acknowledging the power structures we uphold as educators and leaders, and co-creating ways to disrupt the belief that the colonizer's retelling of our history is the only valid one.

Lifelines: Self-Discovery and Empowerment through Writing

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This writing workshop, presented by three creativity-affirming scholars from the South Pacific, will take participants through a series of engaging, empowering exercises that may be adapted to help learners of any age restore their self-confidence and re-story their lives.

Bringing Contemplative Pedagogy to Campus through the Faculty Learning Community

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In this workshop, participants will learn about the effectiveness of Faculty Learning Communities in bringing contemplative practices to the university classroom. We will discuss the value of implementing contemplative pedagogy into higher ed curriculum and introduce participants to practices that can be used in classrooms of all types.

Understanding Non-Binary Gender Through Mindfulness and Expressive Arts

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El Chenier will guide us through Through loving kindness and expressive arts practices to “come home” to our own bodies and examine their own gender identities. In so doing, we will develop a deeper capacity to connect with non-binary folx, and with ourselves.

2022 Summer Session: Introducing Earth-Care Practices in Education

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The annual Summer Session offers a unique combination of experiential learning, community building, and time for practice. This year, we explore the theme of Introducing Earth-Care Practices in Education.