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These pages collect materials (including videos, posters, slides, handouts, and programs) from ACMHE conferences and Summer Sessions.

If you were a presenter at one of these events and would like to add or remove your material to/from the archive, please contact Maya Elinevsky (maya@contemplativemind.org) or Carrie Bergman (carrie@contemplativemind.org).

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ACMHE Conferences

2018 conference program
2018 Conference

Imagining Humane Institutions

Keynote Speaker: Michelle Chatman

2017 ACMHE program
2017 Conference

Radicalizing Contemplative Education

Keynote Speakers: Fania Davis and Rhonda Magee

2016 ACMHE Program
2016 Conference

Transforming Higher Education

Keynote Speaker: Melanie Harris

2015 ACMHE program
2015 Conference

Building Just Communities

Keynote Speakers: Rhonda Magee, Ali Smith, Atman Smith, and Andres Gonzalez

2014 ACMHE Program
2014 Conference

Intention, Method, Evaluation

Keynote Speaker: Peter Felton

2013 ACMHE Program
2013 Conference

Integrity of Practice

Keynote Speaker: Panel Discussion with Daniel Barbezat, David Brown, Rhonda Magee, and Kim Weiner 

2012 conference
2012 Conference

Contemplative Approaches in the Diverse Academic Community

Keynote Speaker: Rhonda Magee

2011 conference
2011 Conference

The Contemplative Campus

Keynote Speaker: Mirabai Bush

2010 conference
2010 Conference

The Contemplative Academy

Keynote Speaker: Stephen Prothero

2009 Conference

The Contemplative Heart of Higher Education

Keynote Speaker: Diana Chapman Walsh