Save the Date! Online, November 5 - 7, 2021

ACMHE Conferences

The ACMHE conference is an interdisciplinary forum for all aspects of scholarship and research on contemplative approaches in higher education.

We are honored to have convened 11 ACMHE annual conferences. Based on feedback from participants and a changing conference landscape, we are moving to a biennial conference model starting in 2021.

Save the date! The 2021 ACMHE conference will be held November 5 - 7, 2021, online. The call for proposals will be announced soon. 

2019 Keynote Speaker

Jasmine Syedullah, Photo: Karl Rabe / Vassar College

Dr. Jasmine K. Syedullah

Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, Vassar College
Jasmine Syedullah is a black feminist political theorist of abolition, and co-author of Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love, and Liberation. Dr. Syedullah holds a Ph.D. in Politics with a designated emphasis in Feminist Studies and History of Consciousness from University of California Santa Cruz and a B.A. from Brown University in Religious Studies with a focus in Buddhist Philosophy. She is currently Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology at Vassar College.

Past Conferences

2019 Conference Program
2019 Conference

Radical Well-Being in Higher Education

UMass Amherst
Keynote Speaker:
Jasmine K. Syedullah

2018 conference program
2018 Conference

Imagining Humane Institutions

UMass Amherst
Keynote Speaker:
Michelle Chatman

2017 ACMHE program
2017 Conference

Radicalizing Contemplative Education

1440 Multiversity
Keynote Speakers:
Fania Davis
Rhonda Magee

2016 ACMHE Program
2016 Conference

Transforming Higher Education

UMass Amherst
Keynote Speaker:
Melanie Harris

2015 ACMHE program
2015 Conference

Building Just Communities

Howard University
Keynote Speakers:
Rhonda Magee, Ali Smith, Atman Smith, and Andres Gonzalez

2014 ACMHE Program
2014 Conference

Intention, Method, Evaluation

University of Washington
Keynote Speaker:
Peter Felton

2013 ACMHE Program
2013 Conference

Integrity of Practice

Amherst College
Keynote Speaker:
Panel Discussion with Daniel Barbezat, David Brown, Rhonda Magee, and Kim Weiner 

2012 conference
2012 Conference

Contemplative Approaches in the Diverse Academic Community

Amherst College
Keynote Speaker:
Rhonda Magee

2011 conference
2011 Conference

The Contemplative Campus

Amherst College
Keynote Speaker:
Mirabai Bush

2010 conference
2010 Conference

The Contemplative Academy

Amherst College
Keynote Speaker:
Stephen Prothero

2009 Conference

The Contemplative Heart of Higher Education

Amherst College
Keynote Speaker:
Diana Chapman Walsh


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